Make Jen’s Day Frequently Asked Questions

Well, we are only days away from the Make Jen’s Day weekend. I’d have to admit, I’m super excited about it. Like, butterflies in my stomach and feeling the need to dance around my kitchen excited. This is going to be so much fun! The Make Jen’s Day committee and I have put together a […]

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Make Something Edmonton

You know the feeling where you are overwhelmed, excited and completely blown away? Those were the exact emotions that resonated through my body when Mary from Make Something Edmonton contacted me to be part of their launch event. I love the idea of Make Something Edmonton. My city is my heart, it’s my community and it’s home. […]

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Make Jen’s Day Needs You!

Last year, the most amazing acts of kindness happened over a weekend. This year, I have a much bigger idea on how to increase the kindness over the weekend of July 19th to 21st, 2013. In order to do this, I’m going to need 200-300 volunteers throughout Canada. Volunteers can be any age or ability. […]

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Day 9: Hero Worship

When Tenesea walks through the door, her little sister literally squeals with joy and bounces up and down. Her big sister can make her smile through tears and giggle uncontrollably. Even in a crowded room, she focuses on her sister. Tenesea is her hero. The bond that they have makes me so incredibly happy.

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Day 8: Cold Bedroom/Warm Bed

We keep the house at 17.5 degrees during the day and 17 degrees at night. Having a cool house allows me to lounge around in hoodies, sweatpants then wrap myself in a blanket. I really enjoy falling asleep under a duvet in a cold room. It’s like you are in a cocoon of total warm […]

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Day 7: Jammies

After an insanely fabulous day and night, it made perfect sense to have a full day of relaxation in my pajamas. Lovely to do nothing more than watch the girls and do a little laundry. Everyone needs a day like this now and then. Snuggles, movies and a little popcorn

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Day 6: Do Gooders

You know what’s awesome about Edmonton? The amazing people. Yes, I talk about my love of my city a lot, but seriously, so many do-gooders! Let’s take a look at Catherine from iHuman. If you haven’t heard of iHuman, they assist at-risk youth and this makes my heart smile. Meeting her today as a highlight. […]

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Day 5: Natasha

Tonight was the Fierce Awards. I was very humbled and honoured to be nominated. The lovely Katrina Birch from the Rocky Mountain Soap Company won in my category and well, she makes a lot of the products I wear everyday so she totally deserved the award I’m happy I was part of a great event […]

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Day 4: Feeling Better

Yesterday afternoon my left eye started watering and itching like crazy. I didn’t think much of it until I got home, looked on the mirror and saw this: Arrg! Pink eye. Gross, right?!? Thankfully, there are over the counter drops you can take and 24 hours later, I’m feeling much better. Nothing like a minor […]

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Day 3: Playing in leaves

There is something so fun about playing in leaves. Maybe it’s the crunch and the smell of Fall. I can’t put my finger on it. Today, a friend and I took our girls to the park for a picnic play date and ended up playing in the leaves. We ran, laughed and threw leaves at […]

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